Newcomer Assistance Service

We offer a special service for newcomers to China to help them get established
into their new rental apartment and personally acquainted with their neighborhood
and neighborhood services:

  • We will show newcomers the nearest hospitals, schools, police stations and
  • We will help them establish service with their utilities including electricity,
    gas, water, cable, internet, telephone, cell phone and an alarm company.
  • We will explain the process and help them secure a local driving license.
  • We will help with the establishment of local bank accounts.
  • We can help with insurance, legal issues and tax returns.
  • We will help source maids.
  • We will help with minor home renovations, find stores selling new
    appliances, window treatments, paint etc.
  • We will help find local movers.
  • We will tour newcomers and show them nice shopping areas in town, great
    restaurants and beauty care and fitness centers.
  • We will explain to newcomers the subway, bus, and taxi transportation
    system in town and show them the nearest stops to their apartment.

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Newcomer Services
Chinatown Office:
3512 Wynn Road
Las Vegas, NV 89103
Tel: (702) 368-6883

Sahara Office:
8360 W. Sahara Ave., #210
Las Vegas, NV 89117
Tel: (702) 319-7288

China Office:
288 Xiepu Road, Suite 22A
Longzhu Building

Tel: 011-86-21-58859-469
Fax: 011-86-21-58856-295

Tel: 011-86-13001239188